Professional integration

Since 1999 BIOPORT has been approved by the French state as a professional reintegration enterprise through economic activity.

Every year we welcome around 25 people to our sites from all walks of life who have been excluded from the world of work and want to develop a career path in the field of logistics.

Bioport gives paid work to these people enabling them to acquire professional skills:
Forklift driver – Order picker – Airport handling agent, gained through internal and external training:

  • CACES 1,2,3,5 [certificate of aptitude in safe driving]
  • Airport Safety Training
  • Training in Best Practice for the Distribution of Pharmaceutical products
  • Training in the handling of dangerous goods (ADR and IATA)
  • OSH training

It also enables them to practise these professions in a business context where they are supervised by professionals and they acquire experience that is transferable to any of the operators of the Supply chain.

After a maximum of 24 months, each person therefore has the skills to apply to companies in the field of warehouse logistics. Every year between 50% and 70% of our employees get a permanent contract, a temporary contract of at least six months or they resume training with a third-party operator.

Since 1999, Bioport has welcomed more than 300 people as part of its Professional Integration Contract through economic activity.

Number of work hours in the professional integration contract

I have always been interested in logistics. I learnt about this training course at the Saint-Quentin-Fallavier town hall, so I sent my CV with a cover letter. I’ve learned so much at Bioport, about loading and unloading trucks, preparing orders, production, checking pallets, and much more. I’m also going to be able to get my fork-lift licence. I’ve already passed the theory. And I’m sure I’ll pass the practical test!
Kanza Handel - aged 39
I’m a political refugee. I’ve been in France since 2019. Before Bioport, I had never worked in France. I chose this training course to get experience in logistics because there are a lot of jobs in the sector. My local job centre recommended this training course to me as it is a great way to enter the workforce for someone with my profile. Before that I had never worked in the sector, but Bioport has given me skills and experience in order preparation, truck handling, and getting around the warehouse.
Mahhad Mahamud Gelle - aged 35
I had some experience in logistics before joining Bioport. I already had my fork-lift licence. But I was keen to learn more and get stronger skills for this profession. My job centre told me about Bioport. I know how to load, unload, supply, and the like.
Wilfried Praziet - aged 26
I didn’t know anything about the logistics sector before joining Bioport. I was curious. I am helpful by nature. In this profession, we are heroes in the shadows. I feel like I can really help people indirectly. I’m so glad I did this training course. I have learnt so many skills at Bioport, not to mention teamwork, concentration and organisation that are all essential in this job. At the outset I was constantly aiming for performance. I was frustrated because I didn’t have all the reflexes. But I can see a big improvement now. I’m doing really well. I’m so pleased.
Gaëtan Makengo - aged 29
I decided to join Bioport after a two-year apprenticeship to gain more experience...but it was also for personal reasons. I learnt about this training course from my local job centre. I already had some experience in the logistics sector. I knew how to drive fork-lifts, find my way around the aisles, and that sort of thing. I now have even more skills, such as checking goods.
Seyba Doumbia - aged 21
I started this training course because I wanted to gain experience in logistics. I liked the idea of working in a team. I was contacted by a Bioport employee who advised me to do this course and to pass my fork-lift licence.  Thanks to Bioport, I have learnt almost everything I need to know including order preparation, unloading trucks and operating fork-lifts.
Azzeddine Sakri - aged 53