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tonnes of cargo handled per year


of integration hours per year


m² of storage space

Professional integration

Since 1999 BIOPORT has been approved by the French state as a professional reintegration enterprise through economic activity.

Every year we welcome around 25 people to our sites from all walks of life who have been excluded from the working world and want to develop a career path in the field of logistics.

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With two locations in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, we can offer you 7,000m² of equipped warehouse space:

  • Controlled temperature +2 +8°C and +15 +25°C Pharma (life science)
  • Tele surveillance
  • Bay doors and ground level doors
  • MADT [Temporary Importation Area and Storage]
  • Approved wine and spirits storage


Speed up and optimise your supplier supply flows for your factories, buildings and production lines.

Bring together the advanced flows of your products on our logistical platforms for increased productivity and efficiency.

Stock management

Manage the minimum replenishment thresholds for products, Optimise your volumes stored by reference for a reduction in costs, avoid stock shortages courtesy of our inventory management service.

Pick & pack

A personalised order preparation and packing service, combined with a custom packing capacity to manage all of your specific requests.

Personalise your customer orders.

Air & Sea Handling

Air cargo security, airline transfers, deliveries to European hubs. Loading and unloading of shipping containers, quality control, weighing and volumetry (VGM).

We handle more than 18,000 tonnes of cargo per year.

Drafting documents

Release your Sales Administration teams from drafting documentation (export invoices, packing list, ship’s bag).

Our team will find the formats that meet your needs.

Approved warehouse-keeper

Bioport Insertion is approved by French customs for the management of wines and spirits in storage and transport.

Free your teams from an administrative burden and secure your customs management of duties and taxes.

Lifescience logistics

All of our teams trained in the Distribution and Storage of pharmaceutical products in bulk Best Practices will provide you with logistic solutions for controlled temperature storage and transport with TOR (Time Out of Refrigeration) monitoring.